List Brokerage Services

How we can obtain the best names for your mailings

If you are a mailer, you need the best possible lists available to ensure the profitability of your marketing programs. Washington Lists provides full service list brokerage to help your organization mail more profitably and effectively. We provide complete list recommendation services to ensure you are reaching the best prospects with your mailings. We also work to control and manage the increasing rates of duplication, the shrinking universe of usable names, and rising mailing costs. We accomplish this through our four point plan in which we:

(1) make accurate, targeted list recommendations,
(2) lower list costs,
(3) increase efficiency in the merge/purge, and
(4) improve response rates.

A sampling of the strategies that we employ to accomplish these goals is listed below. Please keep in mind that since each mailing is unique, we will tailor additional methods to best serve your needs.

  • List recommendations based on your mailers demographics and previous mailing history, usage history from list managers and extensive contacts in the list industry.
  • Prospect list segmentation to ensure that your mailing is reaching the most responsive segments of the lists you have chosen.
  • Negotiation of pricing and net name arrangements that go beyond the standard 85% or 75% minimums (negotiations are ongoing throughout the ordering and billing process.)
  • Development of list re-use strategies for clients with multiple offers.
  • Merge/purge ranking to make the most effective use of pricing, net name arrangements, and duplication rate tendencies.
  • Thorough correction of vendor invoices and exchange balances for improperly fulfilled list orders (pander drops, internal dupes, geographic and previous usage errors, etc.).
  • Analysis and recommendations for new mailing opportunities within major sources of duplication.
  • Zip select development and implementation to improve response rates on marginal lists.
  • Mailing list “closings” at your computer house for timely and efficient data processing.