List Brokerage Services

How we obtain mailing lists for you

  1. Upon your request for list recommendations and a review of your mailer's history and package type, Washington Lists will provide a detailed list of recommendations. This will include demographics, usage history, universe, and segmentation recommendations.

  2. After your approval and selections from the recommendation list, we will place list orders and/or clearances and advise you of changes as they occur or on a schedule you designate.

  3. Washington Lists will negotiate for special pricing discounts and net name arrangements before ordering and during the invoicing process.

  4. Upon receipt of the merge/purge report, Washington Lists will correct vendor invoices for intrafile dupes, geographic select error, pander drops and family list duplication.

  5. Washington Lists negotiates for discounts and lower nets on lists with excessive duplication or other problems that appear in the merge/purge and adjusts invoices to reflect this.

  6. Washington Lists analyzes the merge/purge for trends in duplication, re-use possibility, multiple package/mailer clearance, zip select implementation and merge/purge ranking.

  7. For subsequent mailings Washington Lists will provide a ranking of lists in the merge/purge and zip select tape coordination with computer house, along with the services described above.

  8. We will supply reports to you detailing list duplication rates, pricing and specific problems with recommendations for correction of the problems.