List Fulfillment Services

Our services are tailored to the list owner who puts up hotline names and therefore - must have quick turnaround.

There are very few second chances in the list business. If you have a hotline list and you fail to deliver an order to a customer that order and the money that comes with it are most likely lost forever. Here at Washington Lists we understand the needs of list owners, list managers, list brokers, and mailers. That is why we offer:

  • Updates On Time Every Time: Mailers, especially hotline mailers, need to know that your names will be available to them every month, on the same date and at the same time. If your names, are now coming up one month on the 5th, the next month on the 10th and the following month on the 8th, we guarantee you are losing orders and losing money. Hotline mailers can't wait for names. That's why Washington Lists will work with you to put together a firm, update schedule so you, your manager, your broker, and your customers know when your names will be available.

  • 24 Hour Turnaround: In today's direct marketing environment mailers are reading results and adjusting mail schedules right up to the merge purge. When those last minute orders came in, Washington Lists will deliver so you don't lose the order and the money.

  • Cage and Key Reports: Do you know what separates the very best lists from the good ones? One of the most important factors is the freshness of the data. If your cagers are opening up two month old envelopes and your keyers are always a month behind you are losing big money. That is why before every update whether it be quarterly or monthly Washington Lists will give you a Cage/Key Report which will show you how far behind or up-to-date your cagers and keyers are. Using this report we can work with you to improve the freshness of your data along with the bottom line profits on your list.

  • Selection Counts-Fast: When the broker calls for counts on a full run of your hotline, female select, they need it fast or the order is gone. We will work with you to deliver that critical information when you need it and when your customers need it.

  • Initial File Conversion At No Cost To You: Let Washington Lists start fulfilling your list orders and we will convert your master file over to our format at no cost to you. Washington Lists has custom designed list fulfillment software with programmers and operators on site every day. During peak fulfillment hours we run three shifts to make sure all orders and updates are done on a daily basis.

  • Price Schedule:

Basic run charges$1.55 per Ma $25 minimum
Select Fees$1.20 per Ma $8 minimum
Updates$14.50 per M output

For example, on an order of 30,000 hotline names with a dollar select your income assuming a $65 base, a $10 select fee, and a $10 hotline fee would be:

Gross Rental Income:$85x30= $2,550.00
HLNo Charge=-0-
Total List Fulfillment Expense$82.50
Net List Revenue:$2,467.50
Total Fulfillment Cost:$82.50

As you can see our charges on this order average about $2.75 per thousand which is a small part of your potential list income.

If you have questions or would like further information about Washington Lists list rental fulfillment services, please call Erin Mahoney at (703) 749-3114.