List Management Services

How rentals of your list are handled by Washington Lists, Inc.

  1. When a mailer places an order for your list, a list rental clearance and/or purchase order will be forwarded to you with the sample mail piece the mailer would like to send to your list, the number of names on your list the customer would like to use, the date they would like to mail your list, exchange balance or reciprocal pricing arrangement and status of overdue payables. A signed copy noting your approval, revision or rejection can then be returned by fax to Washington Lists.
  2. Approved orders will be forwarded to the computer house by Washington Lists with copies sent to you on a monthly basis for your records.
  3. Washington Lists will begin the billing process when we have received notification that the order has been shipped by your computer service bureau. Invoice activity will be sent to you on a monthly basis.
  4. Collected funds will be sent to you minus the management commission at the close of the month.
  5. Monthly report and documentation package will include aged payables to you, order activity, updated exchange reports, billing activity, order copies and invoice copies.