List Management Services

Renting your lists to other mailers

If you have a data list, email list, mailing list, customer list and/or prospect list, it can represent a significant source of income for your organization. Washington Lists can function as your exclusive agent and representative to the direct mail industry and help you realize the full earning potential of your list. We can market your list through a combination of direct mail, space ads, personal sales calls and web marketing.

Our goal is to ensure maximum usage of your list while protecting the integrity of your house mailings. We rely on our extensive contacts within the industry and extensive research on new markets to accomplish this goal.

As your list manager, Washington Lists will adhere to the following policies and procedures to market your lists:

  1. Promotions targeted to list brokers and major mailers. These promotions will be a combination of datacard mailings, fax bulletins outlining new developments on your lists and compelling reasons why mailers should rent your list.
  2. Telemarketing efforts through our network of list brokerage contacts. These efforts will result in day to day feedback from users of your lists which will increase the effectiveness of other sales efforts and lead directly to increased list revenue for you.
  3. Advertising in SRDS (Standard Rates and Data Service), DM News and other industry publications to broaden the industry's awareness of your list rental files.
  4. Sales calls and meetings with potential users of your list to make recommendations and open new markets for you.
  5. Recommendations for segmentation which would increase your list rental revenue.